Wednesday, June 8

In the hospital again....

in the Emergency Room

our team works hard to help her feel better as quickly as possible

but we will have to stay in the hospital for several days
and find ways to stay happy and busy

we try to make Toucie's room as lovely, comforting, & warm
as possible

we bring bed linens, toys, and supplies from home
and make decorations to brighten the room

what to do while we wait to be released?
a little painting...

...a little playing...

...a little dancing...

...a little crafting...

...a little waterplay...
(there are dolls having a pool party in that sink!)

...a little movement...

...and a little silliness....


  1. Cypress, this photo journal of your stay is so great. I love how you personalized the room and made it so beautiful. It reminded me a bit of the German children hospitals...with all the color and the windows decorated. She is such a strong and adorable girl. I wish I could reach out and hug you both!

  2. Sending Love and Angels of health, healing and support to give you big cuddles little Toucie xxx Your creation of a 'home away from home' is just beautiful Cypress :)

  3. What an amazing Mama you are Cypress! My heart aches for your family having to endure this. BIG hugs!

  4. I love the way you've kept Toucie's room so lovely! I remember when you were starting off, and wondering what you would do, with her in hospital all this time. And you've achieved amazing things!

  5. Wow those photos take me back to when my Ella was sick. You are an extremely thoughtful Mama Cypress. Hugs to you.

  6. Wondering about you Cypress. Much love!