Thursday, March 6

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  1. I somehow linked to your blog from another, and I just wanted to say how lovely I think you are. I'm also a stay-at-home mother, though I'm still in the beginning stages... and I have two baby boys, not girls. I grew up back east with my own stay-at-home mom and was an English major in college, so your blog speaks to me... the playing outdoors in the woods and ponds, the unique and unforgettable children's books, the meaningful crafts, the family life, the baking... I hope to be a mother like you seem to be, engaged, devoted, happy, and thoughtful. I never comment on blogs, but your life seems so lovely and real and so much like what I hope for my life. I enjoy this stage of life, still having babies, but I so look forward to the season of life that you are in... that's probably why I spent hours scrolling through your posts! Thanks for allowing your blog to be public so I could stumble across it. :)