Tuesday, January 26

Celebrating "Sprinter"

At this time of year we feel a bit in limbo...the spirit of winter is dwindling here in our corner of the world, yet spring has not begun to show itself. We need a bridging season to celebrate. So, at our house, we made one up ...my children jokingly call it Sprinter. And Sprinter is a season for celebrating, indeed. With the holidays behind us, we can focus more on what we see on the land. There is a lot to delight in during these cold months.

Very occasionally, we will have snow, but it is not something we can count on. When it happens, we feel like we've won the the lottery and we relish every minute of it!

It doesn't take much snow to get us excited.

When we are not distracted by our precious flurries, we seek out the magic of ice.

Frozen ponds


and those wonderful places where water seeps out of the rockfaces and freezes into sparkling waterfalls.

And if there is no ice, we turn our attention to the beauty of the woods in winter. The skeletal silhouettes of the trees are something to behold. The increased view through the trees into the depths of the woods is a secret thrill of mine. Vistas that are shrouded in green during most of the year are exposed. Voyeurs like me love these glimpses into the mysteries of our everyday surroundings.

And then there are the birds! Tomorrow I will dedicate a post to our fine feathered friends and how we celebrate them in the grand season of "Sprinter"!

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