Monday, January 25

A fresh beginning....

It is my 41st birthday and my first project in this new year of life is launching a blog!
I don't even know what it will be about...we'll just have to see how it evolves. But since my birthday is at the fore of my mind right now, I thought I would post a special list of indulgent goals for my 42nd year. (Yes, totally inspired by Kyrie) :

1. Start a blog
2. Knit a garment (never got this off the ground)
3. Sew clothing for myself
4. Read 60 novels
5. Hike to a waterfall 
6. Eat more vegetables
7. Finish my flannel quilt
8. Grow a garden with enough to preserve (didn't even get the ground tilled this year!)
9. Make a pumpkin patch
10. Go camping (not once...unbelievable)
11. Find a flattering “uniform” (and purge the ugly stuff)
12. Hoop/Bellydance/do yoga/move!
13. Talk to my brother more
14. Make a steampunk costume (still working on this)
15. Brush up my French
16. Knit for charity (on the contrary...we accepted charity knit hats for Toucie!)
17. Cook over an open fire
18. Dye some yarn
19. Learn to make saurkraut
20. Learn to bake sourdough bread
21. Send a letter every month
22. Go fishing with Toucie
23. Laugh more
24. Find the perfect apron
25. Redo the bathroom with fresh colors (got the paint but didn't get it on the wall)
26. Learn how to make crackers
27. Brew beer all on my own
28. Pick strawberries and peaches
29. Make a rug
30. Do more French and Tunisian cooking
31. Sew with Mado
32. Cook with Naya and Sodie
33. Start beekeeping with my mom (come on , Mom!)
34. Knit a blanket (sigh...)
35. Experiment with the Etsy shop (double sigh)
36. Organize and use my photos
37. Be present
38. Create warmth in our home
39. Build an outdoor oven (too big of a project for me to handle this year)
40. Learn to play the tin whistle (got the whistle! still need the knowledge!)
41. Join the fiber guild (still really want to do this)
42. Make a new list for next year 

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  1. This is a lovely, inspiring list-- thanks for sharing it! And I'm enjoying your blog very much. I look forward to reading more.