Wednesday, April 7

Easter out-takes...

The bunny stuck to the pan a bit and looked rather mangey, but was delicious, nonetheless.

The dress I'd been saving for Toucie to wear for Easter... silk gingham with a sweet petticoat, snapped up at a consignment sale for $4 back in the deep of winter. She's been waiting to wear this for months...we've been saving it especially for Easter.

What she actually wore on Easter Sunday....a polyester "gypsy" costume from her dress-up basket accessorized with a wolf-head/hat ...all thoughts of silk dress out the window. But that wolf head is pretty cool.

Egg hunt with family. Big kids hid eggs for the little kids. Three children set off in search for 3 dozen eggs...

...all the kids came back...all the eggs did not.

What happened to the eggs that were brought home safely. (You may know by now, that virtually every celebration day ends in silly shenanigans around here. Although the eggs in this photo were harmed, they were not sound, fresh, "keeper" eggs, so we sacrificed them for the sake of some good fun)

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  1. I love her Easter costume (with the wolf head - lol!) When will we have those moments again :D

    Your house always seems to fun and full of joy!