Thursday, April 1

April Fool

We are dedicating this weekend to celebrating Naya and Sodie's 18th birthdays (plus a bit of Easter-y goodness), but I just wanted to pop in and say happy April Fool's Day to all who might have observed yesterday! We had a ball....

We broke confetti eggs over each other's heads...

Naya got me good with a prank phone call impersonating a bill collector!
Toucie and I made a "tricky dinner" for everyone. The "pot pie" was really a custard pastry and the "cupcakes" were actually little meatloaves "frosted" with tinted mashed potatoes.

And finally...this is the trick that fooled everyone...Mado and I painted out Toucie's front tooth and texted this cell phone photo (she's holding up a button for a "tooth") to Daddy, Naya, and Sodie. We attached the following message :

"omg...T had anthr collision w tethrbll...guess she's ready 4 frst grd!"

Hope you all had fun fooling your loved ones!


  1. IMHO joking about a loved one's health & welfare is a bit much.

  2. This is great!! We didn't play any trick this year and the girls were so disappointed! I LOVE your ideas! Might steal some for next year!

  3. That is a riot! I love it! And, your "tricky dinner" looks like it was so fun :-)

    Best wishes, Kara