Sunday, August 8

More random moments from "the inside"

Daddy has always been the favorite pillow...

Pile-up to watch "Ponyo" together

Favorite hair-stylist came to visit and trim her bangs :)

Caught a rainbow!! (from a prism hanging in the window)

Toucie found that she could crawl through the laundry cabinet and end up in the hallway outside her hospital room! Almost Narnia :)

Beautiful sunsets...just like at home.

Thinking peaceful thoughts before a procedure...

Wrapped up in a Prayer Shawl knitted by her grandmother...

Finally strong enough to leave the room and goofing off in the hallway with the nurses...she doesn't use a wheelchair - this was just for fun :)

We'll be able to go home soon!


  1. Cypress. We are sending much love and many blessings to your family. It is wonderful news to hear you are able to head home soon :) We are working on a little gift for Toucie but since it is coming in the post from OZ, not sure if it will arrive at the hospital before you leave? Can you please send me a message (if you hit my google profile pic it has the option - send a message) with an alternate postal address for the gift. Thank you :) xxx

  2. oh so sweet to see your family bonding together like this. toucie is a blessed little soul to have all of you surrounding her and you are all blessed by the lessons she is sharing with you as well.

    i am thrilled for you that you will be going home soon! wonderful news!!!

  3. such a happy thought to be heading home. You have all been a bunch of troopers through this whole thing, I am amazed. If it was me I would not be managing as well. You shoul dbe proud of your family now more than ever to face such a challenge and meet it head on like you have. It is truely a blessing to know love, courage and strength as you do.


  4. Oh this made me cry, Cypress - esp the pictures with Daddy and Toucie. I showed my DH and I know he went right over to hug our girls.

    I finished Toucie's gift and will send it off on Monday. I hope she likes it and feels the love from her friends in California (((HUGS)))


  5. Hey Cypress. I hope everything is moving in a positive direction for Toucie. We have a small gift almost ready to send to Toucie. I wonder if you can email me admin(at)wherewildstrawberriesgrow(dot)com and give me a PO box or postal address that I can send the gift to. I know you gave the hospital address, but as you have said you will be going home soon - I do not want to risk the gift missing Toucie. The gift is coming from Australia and OS mail can sometimes be extremely slow. Sorry to bother you :) xxx love and healing :)