Monday, August 30


Another mid-August this time.
What is this woman doing?

Hmmm...must be contageous...
Actually we are peeking through the kudzu along the Cumberland river to see this:

Its a Dragonboat!

Dragonboat racing is a 2000 year old tradition  The history and mythology (Chinese) surrounding the Dragonboat Festival is a bit grisly, so we just stick to enjoying the boats is an interesting bit about the celebration.

"All in one boat - Working to find Synchronicity" say the t-shirts at our local festival. I like that attitude :)

Can you see the dragon head at the fore of the boat? So cool.
I'm dreaming about some day in the future when I can talk all my girls into joining one of the teams so we can see what its like to actually row one of these!

Meanwhile, watching these beautiful dragonboats is a nice preview to the season of Michaelmas (later in September) when we will be really immersed in dragon stories.

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