Tuesday, January 25


The earth has turned round once again!
One year ago today, I celebrated my 41st birthday by beginning this blog.
Inspired by other bloggers, I created a fun list of goals for my 42nd year...and I actually went a long way towards accomplishing them! There were 13 goals that I didn't quite make good on.
So, I'm giving it another go...43 goals for my 43rd year. (Including the 13 "leftovers" from last year...I really want to do them!)

1. Knit a garment
2. Sew a beautiful skirt for every day of the week
3. Plant a big batch of bulbs in secret this autumn to surprise my girls in spring
4. Write love notes
5. Volunteer at our local Waldorf school
6. Do more crossword puzzles with Mado
7. Live out on the deck more
8. Grow a garden with enough to preserve
9. Grow a garden just for the birds
10. Go camping
11. Transform an entire wool fleece into usable/wearable art
12. Learn (and write down) the recipes for all my favorite foods made by Mom and Dad
13. Make a family cookbook for the girls
14. Make a steampunk costume
15. Speak French every day
16. Knit or sew for charity
17. Have a taffy pull
18. Learn how to crochet
19. Teach Toucie knock-knock jokes
20. Visit the Hindu temple
21. Join the local home-schoolers' handwork group
22. Have more date nights
23. Make handmade birthday and yule gifts for all my great-nieces
24. Throw a surprise party
25. Redo the bathroom with fresh colors
26. Talk Grandma into helping me with the family tree
27. Brew beer all on my own
28. Make an effort to cultivate relationships with other home-schoolers
29. Write letters to old friends...try to stay in touch
30. Help Toucie find a penpal
31. Grow a pumpkin patch and host a pumpkin-carving party at Halloween
32. Breathe deeply
33. Start beekeeping with my mom
34. Knit a blanket
35. Experiment with the Etsy shop
36. Sing more
37. Cook with Mado
38. Practice yoga more regularly
39. Build an outdoor oven
40. Learn to play the tin whistle
41. Join the fiber guild
42. Learn to spin
43. Laugh every day

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