Wednesday, January 19

Winter Color...

We've been fortunate this winter with more snowy days than I can remember having in many years. But now that the snow has melted away, we find ourselves immersed once again in the muted, gray-brown landscape that signifies winter in this part of Tennessee.

On our walk in the park today, Toucie and I kept a sharp lookout for other winter color. Here is our gallery (starting with our own garish raingear!)  :)


  1. Beautiful pictures - especially the last one! I just love that one.

    Where do you guys live again? I don't see any snow.

    Love & light, Nicole

  2. Nicole, we are in Nashville, Tennessee...usually we cross our fingers and hope to get one snowfall, but this winter we've had 3 or 4 good snows already! I love, love, love it (but am finding I don't have as much verve as I used to to get suited up and out on the sledding hills)