Saturday, March 19

St. Patrick's Day Shenaningans

The twins are home for Spring Break (!!!), so we started our St. Patty's Day with Irish Breakfast tea and a scone bake-off (between Sodie and I).

(I have to confess that hers were actually a tiny bit better than mine...apparently she's been getting in a lot of scone-practice at college, baking them for any occasion that arises).

We both used this recipe...delish!

Then we headed off into the woods for a morning hike.

We checked on the old letterbox that we hid last year.

Wow...yeah, this is how they get when they know you have a camera out.

Please note the green attire...we were absolutely un-pinchable!

Back at home we had some fresh green pesto over pasta for lunch (look at our billy goat trying to get some attention!)

And then Mado helped Toucie build this Leprechaun know, just in case....

Later, Toucie found this inside, so there must have been a Leprechaun passing by who needed a nice napping place to visit as he was travelling through these parts.

Oh - I might ought to have warned you to avert your eyes if you are sensitive to the sight of MASSIVE amounts of green food coloring. This is cake batter. I don't know what else to say about that, except that, yes, I am guilty.

The rest of our day somehow escaped my camera...there was music and dancing and this horrible song from the 80's (but I have to educate my teenagers...I take that duty very seriously), as well as the books, the Bairin Breac, and our traditional Corned Beef and Colcanon dinner which you can see in last year's posts here.

Happy St. Pat's!

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