Wednesday, March 31

Books for the full moon

A quick sharing of a couple of books that we have long loved to read in celebration of the full moon:

When the Moon Is Full is one we have loved for many years. It gives each month a two-page spread depicting a verse and an illustration related to a traditional moon name.

 Here, for example, is April's "Frog Moon". The illustrations are colorful block prints by Mary Azarian.

Here is the page for beautiful.

Here is another of my very favorite books about the moon:

The Dancing Tiger

The Dancing Tiger
Written by Doyle Malachy, pictures by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher.

The illustrations in this beautiful book capture perfectly what it is like to be out under the light of the moon. 

The story is simple, gentle, and carries the reader through the tugs at one's heart.

We have many books about the moon...these are just a couple. I hope to share others with you as the months roll on.
One of the other things we sometimes do at our "moon parties" is to make our evening meal mirror the full moon in appearance somehow. We've had moon feasts centered around quesadillas, shepherd's pie, pot pie, quiches, pizzas, and round bowls of potato soup, among other things. Tonight we made a big round pan of enchiladas and had a cheesecake for dessert!

Happy Moon!


  1. Oh how clever! I love it! The books sound great, too - will have to check them out. Love the illustration of the full moon with the tiger - almost can feel the glow. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to more book reviews :D

  2. I love the books that you love! And I love the full moon celebration. We just read Maple moon tonight (I just received it) and the girls loved it! Thank you so much for sharing those great ressources!