Monday, June 7

Daisy chains!

One of summer's simple pleasures...the daisy chain. Do you know how to make one?

Pluck a daisy....

... and use your thumbnail to cut a little slit in the stem...about an inch or so from the bottom of the stem (so it won't tear through). The length of your daisy stem will determine the spacing of the blossoms in your chain. (Short stems = blossoms close together, longer stems = alot of space between blossoms in your final chain).

Pluck another daisy and slip the end of its stem through the slit you made in the first one.

Draw the new daisy through the slit until the blossom head is snug against the stem of the first daisy.
Now make a slit in the new daisy's stem and proceed chaining daisies together.

Spend a happy hour in the new summer sunshine indulging in this pastime.

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