Saturday, June 12

signs of summer


Naya, Sodie, and Mado, harvesting the lavender.

The bees were working the lavender.

A wonderful harvest! This is only half of it.

Plums are already ripe.

Toucie chewing on sasafrass stems

We're quite enamoured of frogs lately...these tiny guys that appear on the rock banks of our river every summer just thrill me!

Daylillies leaning out towards the big summer sun.

Toucie loves this weedy little Mimosa tree that sprang out of our overgrown fence line. Have you ever smelled the blossoms of the Mimosa? It is a scent-memory from my own childhood...they smell beautiful. Nothing quite like it!

There are so many wildflowers blooming all around right now. I have to pay attention and soak up their cheery prettiness while they are here....our colorful early summers usually give way to hot, droughty, drab green times by late July.
Right now, though, we are happy to see and celebrate all these fresh signs of summer!

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  1. Such beautiful photos! Thank you so much for your lovely comment you left over on my blog:)