Sunday, June 20

Happy Fathers' Day!!

Toucie made a little matchbox into a sweet gift for Daddy....

She decorated the outside of the box with crayoned paper and filled the inside with tiny cards. The cards are covered in little loving notes that Toucie dictated and I wrote down for her.

After serving Daddy oatmeal and sausages for breakfast, and showering him with hugs and flowers and the little giftie above, Toucie joined him for a day at the park. By the time they returned I had done the prep work for the special dinner Toucie wanted to serve for Fathers' Day...sushi!

We missed the big sisters...they were away for the week...but that meant alot more California rolls for the rest of us :)

Happy Daddy's Day to this guy...he's good at this job!


  1. Beautiful gift idea. I'll be bookmarking that! :) We celebrate Father's Day in September in OZ. Happy Fathers Day Mr Cypress! :) xxx

  2. Yay for daddies! I'll be looking forward to reading about YOUR celebration in September :)