Wednesday, July 28

Gathering my wits....

Oh, friends,
I have hard news...Toucie has been diagnosed with Leukemia.

We are in Vanderbilt Children's Hospital and have already launched into treatment for her, but we are still reeling from the blow. We've been living in the hospital for 7 days and expect to be here for several more...possibly for 4 weeks during this first phase of her chemotherapy. We are expecting a full cure at the end of a 2 1/2 year program of, no despair here...just preparations for a long journey.

So, this is NOT going to turn into a Leukemia related blog. I just wanted to share this news and explain why I will not be posting until we get back to homeschooling in a few weeks. We are officially registered as kindergarteners this year (well...Toucie is registered, but I expect I will be learning a thing or two as well!), so we'll be back to record our Waldorf homeschool journey here soon.


  1. Oh Cypress, I am so incredibly sad to hear this...please know that the girls and I will send prayers and healing vibes to your beautiful baby and to you, dear Momma. I appreciate that you posted to share this difficult news and am sure we will all rally around your family in spirit and help you through this. I am relieved to hear that you are expecting a full cure on this long road to recovery. Surely it will be difficult and you will experience things you never thought you would (or should).

    Can I needlefelt something special for your baby? Please LMK if she'd like a special mermaid or some kind of needle felted doll (what are her favorite colors, etc) and I can set to work on it straight away :D

    Hugs to you, my friend and healing to Toucie...and if you need to turn this into a leukemia blog, then do it, Momma! Your readers care about you and your baby and I would like to hear updates on how Toucie is doing...


  2. there are no words to console you i am sure. know that healing energy and lots of love are being sent her way. blessings to you all. my heart truly goes out to you mama!

  3. My fingers keep hovering over the keyboard, hoping for the right words ... but I don't suppose there are any "right" words for this news ...

    Please know that this reader is thinking of you and your family and praying for your daughter - whatever type of blog you need this to be!

  4. Oh Cypress. As others have said above, there is no words that I feel I can share to comfort you at all, I too can not really find 'the right words', because - there really is no 'right words' I guess. But we can send our love and thoughts, which is what we are all doing for you and your beautiful family right now. In our prayers, meditations, whatever our connection beliefs, I know we will all be asking for support, love and healing energy to surround Toucie and your family. What a huge experience for your family to journey through. Much love and so many many blessings to Toucie. We are asking for angels to surround, support and heal your precious little girl and offer strength to your whole family during this journey. With love always xxx

  5. Just wanted to send much love and strength your way. I'm thinking of you and will pray for a quick recovery. Peace to you and your beautiful girl.

  6. My love goes to you and your beautiful family. My heart feels so heavy for you, and yet I keep picturing your four beautiful girls in my mind - your family has been so inspirational to me, it seems so full of light and love! I'll be thinking of you all often with prayers of protection and peace, especially for darling little Toucie.

  7. Oh gosh. Cypress, my heart goes out to you and your family... and of course to your dear little girl. I'm glad to hear that a full recovery is possible, but what a journey! Much love, light and prayers your way. And big heartfelt hopes for a quick and strong recovery! xo

  8. Wow what a tough road ahead. I will not pretend to know what you are going through, but I wish you all the best, especially toucie. You are very lucky that she will have a great chance to recover from this. It is a tough experience I am sure, but she will certainly grow to a much stronger woman for it. Life at the hospital is rough too (that much I do know) especially watching your babe in this situation. Much love and all our blessings to you all. May you find the strength to persevere through this challenge. If there is anything I can do to help, please do not hesitate. We are all here for you to support you and offer a listening ear in this trying time.