Sunday, July 11

One woman's trash is another's treasure!

Look what my grandma passed down to me during a recent destash of her craft room:

This photo doesn't show this stack of over 50 vintage quilt blocks very clearly, but you can tell that there is an insane riot of color going on!
I would NEVER in a million years choose or combine fabrics like the ones you see here, but when I saw them all stitched up into a pile of lonely blocks, I fell in love with all that clashing brightness. Half of them have a purple central motif and the other half are built around an orange center.
Stay tuned for our new reversible family quilt!


  1. what luck! I'm sure this is hours of fun without so much tedious cutting and patching. enjoy!


  2. Exactly, Kat! All the "dirty work" is done :) I'm digging through my stash to find fabrics bold enough to stand up to these crazy blocks so I can put it all together. I'm not big on sewing in the summertime (I'd rather be outdoors) but I'm so jazzed about this that I'll forgo a few outings to get it done.