Sunday, September 5

Toucie's update

The word "meds" is a an everyday part of Toucie's vocabulary nowadays. We get really sick and tired of meds, because sometimes there are alot of them to take.

And sometimes they have side effects that we don't love. Like low energy and lethargy.

And grumpiness.

And roly-polyness (isn't that a word?)


(Look at those cheeks!)

These things have been things we can handle. Things we can work through. Things we can live with. And things that will pass. I am grateful that there is very little suffering for my girl, so far, in her treatment. 

There is another side effect that we are anticipating and we are gearing up to accept it with as much grace as possible. The loss of all those shiny, maple-brown tresses. We are starting with a haircut.

(A lollipop softens the experience)

Toucie has not yet begun to lose any hair, but if she should, we will be prepared to go back for an even shorter cropping and eventually a full buzz-cut.

Meanwhile, she is going with the flow and the rest of us are just trying to keep up!


  1. What a journey! She's still so beautiful, cheeks and all. Big hugs to your family!!

  2. thanks for the update. i have been wondering how she is doing. you are both so very brave!!! sending you lots of well wishes!