Monday, September 6

Earth angels...

I want to take a moment to sing a BIG thank you to all of you dear ones who have been sending warm wishes, loving notes, and even parcels full of treasure to Toucie. She is THRILLED to receive so much goodness from so many different directions. Look at this.

She actually cried when she unwrapped these beautiful felted pieces from Jen.

One of the pieces was a gorgeous guardian angel....perfect, Jen, you are amazing.

And here is an excited smile for Elke at Where the WIld Strawberries Grow (she has recently stepped away from blogging to focus more on family). Inside this package (that flew all the way from Australia to our tiny town in Tennessee) was a pair of wool frogs, lovingly handstitched, and many other goodies (including a third frog yet unstitched for Toucie and I to put together).

(Which we happily did!)

Toucie is stuffing her frog with wool...see the two that Elke made there on the right? Frogs are so  meaningful to Toucie right now...she is especially drawn to them and they to her. She found these soft woolly froggies so comforting and delightful. Elke you have rare insight and I am so grateful to you for holding my daughter in this way.
I can't tell you how much it means to us here to be supported in so many ways by so many of you from so many different corners of the earth...all of you angels. Thank you so very much.


  1. Oh how perfect - Toucie is in lavendar, like her Guardian Angel! I don't know how I missed this post, Cypress, but I'm glad I spotted it today. Her tears of joy are a gift to me and I'm so glad she feels so loved from all of us!


  2. Oh WOW! So beautiful! I am glad that Toucie enjoyed the gift. I too seem to somehow have oversighted this post, sorry to only just be replying now as we have seen it. Our thoughts are with your family and little Toucie and we are sending love and healing over rainbows from our hearts to your little girl :) xxx