Sunday, September 26

Michaelmas handwork....Cape of Light!

The goldenrod dye we made for our Shooting Stars was still quite strong so we saved it to dye a silk. In celebration of Michaelmas, we are using this silk as a cape and calling it the Cape of Light just like the golden cloak that Michael wears. (Inspired by this Michaelmas article.)

Take a plain silk playcloth, soak it in mordant (2 - 3 Tbs.alum dissolved into a 1/2 gallon of water), immerse it in the dye, hang to dry, wear with pride. There is not much to this project....the magic is really in the details: telling Michael stories and singing songs; being in the outdoors working together, gathering dyestuffs and preparing the dye; watching the simple transformation when flower blossoms turn a white silk into a golden one; letting the imagination run when the cape is ready to be worn and paraded about!

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