Friday, December 17

December Gift-Making...Bookmarks - two ways

(Oh my goodness look at tiny!) A few of years ago, when Toucie was 2 years old, we struck upon the idea of beaded bookmarks as a holiday gift that she could, with her toddler's skills, make mostly on her own.

She chose ribbons and beads for each loved one and did the cutting and threading while I sat nearby and tied the necessary knots.

We worked in short sessions, matching her attention span, over several days to complete about a dozen bookmarks.

Here is what one looks like in action.

There is not much to the instructions once you've decided what kind of book to size it to (small paperbacks, large storybooks, etc)...
1) cut a length of ribbon several inches longer than book
2) tie a knot in one end leaving a decorative tail of about an inch. Make sure the knot is bigger than the holes in your beads!
3) thread a couple of beads on
4) tie another knot to keep those beads in place
5) move down the ribbon and make another knot...the distance between this knot and the previous one should be just a bit greater than the height of your book. this allows the flat ribbon to be sandwiched between the pages while the beads stick out from the top and bottom of the book.
6) thread a couple of beads on
7) make a final knot to keep those beads in place and trim the ribbon leaving a pretty tail
8) give to a loved one with chest puffed out in pride

This year, Toucie revisited this craft (with the help of some big sisters) and was the lucky recipient of 2 pretty bookmarks! I was totally elated as I am always in need of a bookmark :) Every year I set a goal for reading a certain number of books...this year it was there are alot of books around here that need marking!

The one on the bottom is made in a similar fashion to the ones described above. The top bookmark is simply three pretty ribbons braided.

This is how Toucie learned to braid, by the way...ropes hanging off the doorknob.

Pinning the knotted ribbons (or hemp, yarn or whatever) to the curtains (or the sofa cushion, tablecloth, etc) helps small hands manage them.

Perfect! Simple, practical, beautiful...something to feel proud of :)

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