Friday, December 3

Winter Circle

This circle is shorter than some of the others we've done, but during this Yule season, our days are full of song and movement anyway! Almost all of these verses were taken from here . I have noted the sources (see the small italics under the verses) for the couple of poems that are not from the Wynstones Press Winter book 


Good Morning dear earth (arms form circle in front of you)
Good Morning dear sun (arms form circle overhead)
Good Morning dear stones (hands form fists in lap)
And flowers every one. (fists open into "blooms")
Good Morning to the bees (fingers make "ok" sign & make little circles in the air)
And the birds in the trees (move open palms about gracefully like birds flying)
Good Morning to you (spread open palms out towards others in circle)
And Good Morning to me (cross open palms over heart)
     (from parent-tot group)

(repeat a couple of times while twirling gently like a snowflake))
Venez, volez
Petits flocons,
Blancs papillions!
     (from Recueil de Poemes)

(same movements as above)
Come little snowflakes dance through the air,
Making the day so pure and fair
Light and bright, sparkling white,
Soft as the wings of a dove in flight.

(hands on hips, on the highlighted beats, alternate kicking heels -left then right- out in front of you)
Who comes creeping in the night
When the moon is clear and bright?
Who plucks tree leaves red and gold
When the autumn days turn cold?
Up the hill and down he goes
In and out the brown corn rows
Making music crackling sweet,
With his little frosty feet.
Jack Frost!

(repeat a couple of times, builing speed like a toungue twister) 
Jack Frost with freezing fingers fast and free
Flits o’er fields, makes fairies flee,
Fetch the fairy, fences fall,
Flowers fade, freeze them all.

Winter is cold (hug yourself and shiver)
There is snow in the sky (flutter fingers above your head)
The squirrel gathers nuts (pretend to gather nuts)
And the wild geese fly (flap arms)
The fluffy red fox (cup hands over head to form ears)
Has his fur to keep warm (stroke arms as if stroking fur)
The bear’s in her cave (form a cave shape with your arms)
Sleeping all through the storm (fold hands under cheek and pretend to sleep)
     (from Rhythm of the Home)

Where the country’s deep with snow
Carts and coaches cannot go.
Now’s the time to take the sleigh
Down the hills and far away
Down the slippery slope we’ll slide
Bumping, swaying side to side.
If you tumble now and then
Climb the hill and start again.

Now into the forest we will go
Where the trees are covered with snow.
(swaying from side to side while singing)
Dans la foret lointaine,
On entend le hibou.
Du haut de ce grand chene
Lui repond le coucou.
Coucou, hibou, coucou, hibou, coucou, hibou, coucou!
     (traditional French children's song)

Here is the woodcutter sturdy and strong
With axe on his shoulder he strides along.
Chip chop, chip chop
The woodsman with his chopper chops.
Chip chop, chip chop
To the ground the wood then drops.
Oak and pine and hickory too
His hatchet brightly rings,
And while he chops so cheerily
He lifts his voice and sings.

(chopping to the beat) 
We are working, working hard
Chopping firewood in the yard.
Hold the chopper, hold it tight,
High we lift it, that is right.
Chopping, chopping, chop, chop, chop,
Merrily the pieces drop.

Home we are walking as down sinks the sun.
Day’s work is ended, tasks are all done.
The wood is all chopped for the fire so bright.
Now we’ll be snug in our house tonight.

Now into the meadows we will go
Where the fields are covered with snow

(mime the text)
Shepherds gather wood and briar,
  Build and stack the evening fire.
Spot and Rover! Come and heel!
  It’s time to eat your evening meal.
On cheese and bread the shepherds sup
  And drink clear water from a cup.
Gather moss to build your bed,
  Make it smooth to rest your head.
Above the mountain shines the moon,
  So Shepherds sing your evening tune.
Cloaks are long and cloaks are warm,
  Protecting you from frost and storm.
Spot and Rover watch the sheep,
  Shepherds need to go to sleep.

(come to seated position again and recite softly)
In the winter garden, through the falling snow,
Stars are gleaming, streaming, gleaming,
Down to earth below.
In the winter garden, seeds lie warm below,
Seeds are resting, sleeping, dreaming
All the winter through.


  1. Thank you very much Cypress. I have just been reading all your Winter posts for much inspiration as we snuggle into this cooler time of our year! Happy Summer :) xxx

  2. I am so excited I found you. I am looking forward to sharing the songs and rhymes with my children.

  3. Thank you for these lovely verses : )