Tuesday, December 14

snowy day

A walk in the park

Toucie needs a rest...Mado is so patient.

We make our way to the Nature Playscape...it takes on a new mystique covered in this white blanket

Throughout our wanderings we come across deer, rabbit, and opossum prints...and many little bird prints like these. There were many animal prints criss-crossing the play area itself.  We imagined the creatures playing here when all the human folk were away.

Toucie made "pie" from snow ...this young friend was happy to gobble it up. I've never been successful at keeping children from eating the snow.

Beautiful day. Snow is a gift here...an uncommon one. I am so grateful for this wintery magic :)


  1. I wish I lived where you live -- it looks so magical and cold! +Chelsea

  2. Hi Cypress,
    What a great nature play space. Now that I have a yard we have been trying to do similar things like the ones in the photos. Yesterday we made a tee-pee fort - would love to cover it with some long grass. How is Toucie? I think of her often - strange how this blog world works...I believe it is a blessing - so much good energy being shared.

    Love and Light, Nicole

  3. Breathtaking and right out of Norman Rockwell days :) Thinking about dear Toucie and hoping she is doing well, my friend. I am glad to see that you are all taking the time for these peaceful and nurturing activities!
    Hugs & blessings to you all!