Monday, May 2

May Day at the Strawberry Farm! (and Toucie has a party)

We wanted to celebrate Toucie's birthday with a strawberry-picking party, but they weren't quite ripe yet on her birthday, so we decided to wait a few days and have a super-grand MayDay/birthday celebration at the strawberry farm!

heading for the fields!

it is a great thrill to find the perfect berry

teamwork :)

we had the whole farm to ourselves

an old fashioned grain mill for cracking corn....

 feed to the pretty chickens!

here's another look at that awesome chicken tractor

daddy making sure there are plenty of berries to bring home

 Toucie and Mado going back for more

Our party favors were these 2 qt baskets of berries

Our tailgate birthday picnic:
chicken quesadillas, veg & hummus, wild rice salad

 cucumber and cream cheese bread ring stands in for cake

strawberries and cream for dessert, of course!

sweet friends, good fun

Happy Birthday Toucie!! Happy May Day, too!

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  1. Big Birthday Blessings for you sweet Toucie! :) Looks like you had a great day! Aren't berry farms just THE BEST! :)