Tuesday, May 3

May Day Crafting: Rose-Scented Oil

Most often we mix up a big batch of lavender bath salts to celebrate May Day/Beltane...this year we thought we'd try something new.

There are so many fragrant and colorful roses blooming around us right now...how could we capture a little bit of their perfume and beauty to keep?

Toucie worked for two days to gather enough rose petals to fill a quart jar.

I think a few honeysuckle blooms found their way in there, too :)

Then we added enough mineral oil to cover the petals and let them steep for 24 hours.

The last step is to strain the petals out, pressing all the oil out of them and pour the fresh rose-scented oil into a sterilized jar. (To achieve a really strongly scented oil, you can repeat the process several times, pouring your strained, scented oil over fresh petals each time.)

Its lovely to dab a little bit of springtime onto the temples and wrists at bedtime...ahhhh :)


  1. You are one very creative Mumma Cypress. Thanks for all you ideas and inspiration :) xxx

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