Tuesday, June 14


We went straight from the hospital to the backyard!
And we added a pink "faux-hawk" to celebrate Toucie's growing hair.
I guess this is the expression that people with mohawks are supposed to wear.

sprinkler + trampoline = big fun

...um yeah...she's feeling better...i told her her face might "stick" this way!

Wednesday, June 8

In the hospital again....

in the Emergency Room

our team works hard to help her feel better as quickly as possible

but we will have to stay in the hospital for several days
and find ways to stay happy and busy

we try to make Toucie's room as lovely, comforting, & warm
as possible

we bring bed linens, toys, and supplies from home
and make decorations to brighten the room

what to do while we wait to be released?
a little painting...

...a little playing...

...a little dancing...

...a little crafting...

...a little waterplay...
(there are dolls having a pool party in that sink!)

...a little movement...

...and a little silliness....

Thursday, June 2

Is it time for popsicles?

We made a return trip to the strawberry farm.
I wanted to lay in a good supply for the coming months!

And this time I brought along some picking power!

Toucie and my mom




Toucie was seduced by the chickens and bailed on us right away

The rest of soldiered on and came away with 3 gallons to take home

I've been dreaming of making a homemade version
of the wonderful Mexican paletas we sometimes splurge on.

We capped and diced some berries, warmed them with
some honey,blended them up in the blender,
and froze them in our popsicle molds.

Then we decided to freeze every fruit we had on hand.
(Here are pear, cantaloup, peach, and strawberry)

Ok, Summer...now we are ready!