Sunday, May 2

Better late than never...a May Day craft for littles

I know we are past May Day, but I wanted to mention this very quick and satisfying craft that we did to celebrate at the end of the evening...a big batch of bath salts.

 4 cups of epsom salts
1 cup of baking soda
- 75-100 drops of your choice of essential oil (make sure you use oils that are safe and appropriate for the skin of the intended bather...we used clary sage and lavender)
- a few drops of food coloring (we used purple to make pale lavender salts)

1) Allow child to measure dry epsom salts and baking soda into a large bowl...accuracy is not so important with this kind of recipe, so a child can do this by themselves and be proud of their labor.
2) Use a big spoon to blend salts and soda, breaking up any chunks.
3) Use your discretion about whether the child is capable of safely adding the essential oils and a few drops of coloring (if you are using them)
4) Blend, blend, blend some more! Use that big spoon to scoop from the bottom of the bowl and fold everything together until it is all a uniform consistency and color.
5) Scoop the bath salts into a lidded container that can live in the bathroom.

You can double or halve these measurements to make a bigger or smaller batch of bath salts.
Enjoy a lovely bath by using 1 cup of bath salts for a 6-7 inch deep bath.
Toucie had hers by candle-light at the end of a long and happy May Day.

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