Saturday, May 1

May Day

Bathing with our dew (um...rain) soaked hankies early May Day morning.

Our May Day feast menu:
-green salad tossed with edible flower petals
-chicken noodle soup (with farfalle pasta and all the veggies cut into flower shapes)
-strawberry lemonade (strawberry season is in full swing where we live!!!)
- zucchini/carrot bread (made with all the bits of veggies leftover from cutting out flower shapes for the soup)
- a pretty Maypole cake (inspired by this)

We had quite the rainy May Day...actually turning into a flood...which I'll post about later, but we found ways to surround ourselves with the bountiful blossoms of the season...ah, beautiful Spring!

Our day ended with a bit of crafting for May Day and a lovely candlelight bath with flower petals floating for Toucie...a sure path to sweet dreams. Hope your day was lovely as well! Happy May Day :)

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