Tuesday, May 18

Strange visitors....

Earlier this spring, the girls and I returned home on afternoon to find one of our cats standing at the base of the dogwood tree staring up into its branches...silly cat. No, wait...What is that?

Can you see it? How about now:

A groundhog??!! And that was how we learned that groundhogs do not necessarily spend all their time on the ground.

In the few weeks that have followed we have met several other visitors here in our own yard.


  1. Wow - all in your backyard! I love the photo of the moth on the blue painted wall.

    I am a city girl - partly suburbs - thinking about buying a home in the woods - I am a little scared about what I will find...like that snake or that critter near your rocking chair.

    You made my day with you lovely and kind comments. I hope you all enjoy the soup.

    Much love, Nicole

    I love your blog design - so calm and pretty.

  2. How fantastic!! The groundhog in the tree would have surprised me, too! And I love that leopard moth-- so beautiful!