Sunday, May 9

When it rains it pours!

This is a very brief post to explain the long absence of any posting here...and some of the blessings I'm appreciating on Mother's Day!

First of all...and you are not going to beleive this...but there has been another ruptured appendix in the family. You may recall my post not long ago about Naya being rushed to hospital...

well, her twin, Sodie had the same experience this past week. Both girls have had complications resulting in the fact that Naya is now well, but still has her appendix (which she'll have surgery for in a month) and Sodie, after a long week in the hospital, is both well and appendix-free. Thank you to all who sent well wishes to Naya after my post last helps so much to feel support coming from so many different direction.  The doctors all say that it is pure coincidence that both twins contracted appendicitis, but I know better...there is just no limit to the powers of that twin mojo! All I know is that I am very grateful for healthy girls this Mother's Day.

During this recent appendix ordeal, our area of Tennessee was caught up in some powerful rainstorms and major flooding. Many folks have had total losses of their homes, cars, and sometimes family members, but I will not dwell on any tragedy. (if you are interested in weather phenomena and such, you can learn all about our flood  by googling 'Nashville flood' or similar). Our own home, property and family were relatively untouched by the waters. And in fact, it was not an unpleasant experience to witness the power of wind and water from our cozy home. I am grateful this Mother's Day to have my family and home happy and intact. The heavy rains came and went quickly.

Here is a photo of our back yard...there is no creek here normally...just grass, but it is the low spot of our property.

We lost power for a few days, so there were some dark times indoors. Toucie knows where the fun is at...see her through the window?

Toucie had so much fun living with lantern light, candles, meals cooked on our camping stove, dishes and clothing washed in tubs, and all the rest. She wore her sunbonnet day and night, and insisted we call her "Laura"...she called  Daddy and I "Pa and Ma". From her perspective this was all an exciting was truly an awesome experience to watch our familiar landscape (namely our yard and 'our' river, the Harpeth) change to accommodate the rushing waters. The major river in our city crested at over 53 feet! Can you imagine it??!! The river was 53 feet higher (or deeper) than boggles my mind...

I have tried in vain to capture this change in some photos, but have not succeeded very well. Mado is the true photographer of the family. When I see her photos I suspect there will be an eloquent visual statement about our river that I can share. Until then, happy mother's day to all my mama friends...I hope you are soaking up all the joys of family bliss today!


  1. I just LOVE that photo of Toucie outside through the window with the umbrella. What a great shot! I love all your girl's names by the way:)

  2. Wow, I'm glad to hear your family is well-- that's a lot going on there! And so much water!! Yikes!

  3. So you have a Laura too!

    OXOX, Nicole