Monday, October 18

29th annual Tennessee State Pow Wow

This is an intertribal celebration, competition, and gathering and although it is a reunion of Native Americans, everyone in the community is invited to witness and become involved.

 Authentic foods, beautiful crafts and jewelry, elaborate celebration garments, games and storytelling...and oh, the dancing and drumming!! Here are some moments from the competition dancing rounds (all the beautiful shots are ones that Mado took):

There was alot to see...while the dancers were competing, the drummers who were drumming for them were also in competition.

This beautiful woman shone among the singers...

And there were many dances open to the community where we danced slowly around a big circle...Mado and I joined in and so did Daddy and Toucie :)

Some of the folks were spending the nights in their tipis and let us look inside.

Lots of beautiful jewelry and handcrafts to look at...Daddy bought an amazing turquoise bead for Mado and a whistle made of buffalo horn for Toucie.

Lots of good things to eat, like fry bread...

...and pork and hominy stew.
But we mostly loved the people-watching :)

I have to mention that this was a very unseasonably hot day and that by the end of it, Toucie had worked up a fever and we had to take her to the ER. (She is all better now and feeling fine!) But even that did not take away from our experience at the Pow Wow... always grateful for another beautiful day.

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