Saturday, October 16

Fall Festival

The Music and Molasses Festival

Old-time music to jig to!

The sugar shack where sorghum sap is reduced to molasses.

The mule that works the mill that crushes the sorghum cane to release the sap.

Toucie thinks raw sorghum cane tastes better than molasses

Chatting up the Longhunters in their encampment.

There was plenty of living history demonstration...candlemaking, spinning, weaving, churning, etc...the soapmaker let Toucie do some of her laundry.

Mado...professional apple bobber

An area where children could gather eggs, shuck corn, hang out laundry, paint a barn (with water), weigh produce...and saddle up a "horse"

Beautiful day

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  1. Cypress, I am so glad to see that you guys are having fun and Toucie looks happy and healthy! I am totally impress by your kindy planning and work (and steal some of your circle time song, love the French ones so far!). I have been thinking about you lots, but with first grade, I haven't been reading blogs as I used to. I love to see how much love is shining in your family!