Friday, October 8

October Watercolor....Pumpkin Painting

This idea came from Our Little Nature Nest. Mado joined Toucie and I for painting time and it was great...she is an expert at wet-on-wet watercolors! I adapted the story to suit our own style, so here it is with the changes (and a tip of the hat to Kytka from whose site the story came originally):

The golden moon shone bright in the indigo sky.

(paint a large yellow circle in the center of the paper. Rinse brush and begin painting blue around the edges of the paper for the sky)

The sky pressed in from all sides but the glowing moon said, “You must leave me some room to breathe”, so the blue sky surrounded her gently, but did not touch her.

(try to paint the sky in rich blue without touching the yellow so as not to create any green!)

The autumn night was chill and the moon felt very cold. Nearby, the Red Star saw her shivering and said, “I will warm you, Moon!”.  The red starlight washed over the moon and she felt a glow of warmth all over.

(rinse and dry brush, dip into the red paint , and paint over the yellow circle, creating an orange circle. Rinse and dry brush.)

“Oh!” said the moon, “It is very cozy to be clothed in starshine, but I cannot see out! Please open some spaces so that I may peek out.” And so, the sky opened up a little hole for one eye to peek out, and then another, (etc, for the nose and mouth).

(with a clean brush that you’ve dried on your paper towel, begin to lift off paint, rinsing and drying the brush again after each “erasing” stroke you make on the painting. Create a jack-o-lantern face out of the “holes” you open)

Anyone down on the earth below who was looking up at the moon that night was quite delighted and surprised to see a _______ shining down on them!

(My 5 yr. old child was quite amazed to see a pumpkin face emerge from her moon painting . I paused in saying the sentence above to let her fill in the blank with “jack-o-lantern!” as if she had worked magic right there on the paper! Which, of course, she had.)

Toucie's pumpkin
Mado's pumpkin

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