Sunday, October 31

Our Halloween Weekend...

Naya and Sodie surprised us with an overnight visit from college just to celebrate Halloween!

-photo by Mado
Earlier this summer, when we were in the hospital with Toucie for so many weeks, our lawn got majorly overgrown. We noticed some strange "volunteer" plants had cropped up...they turned out to be pumpkins! We've been watching them all this time hoping they'd be big enough (and orange enough!) to carve into jack-o-lanterns by Halloween...

...well, you have to work with what you got...

...unique, to say the least!

Naya and Sodie dressed up as Star Trek ensigns -photo by Mado

Mado's gorgeous monster self-portrait (holding the Waldorf doll she made in 7th grade...which is dressed in a holey sock for Halloween),

and Toucie was a mama-made dragon :)

We made skeleton gingerbread cookies like those I've been seeing around.

And had Pumpkin Soup for dinner!

We played "Pin the Wart on the Witch" using a big, beautiful witch that Toucie drew for us and stickers for the warts. (even though none of the witches we know have any warts at all) -photo by Mado

Sodie and Naya know the choreography to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and tried to teach it to that is entertainment. -photo by Mado

Later, Naya and Sodie had to go back to school, but the rest of us went off to a night of trick-or-treating:

-photo by Mado

Happy Halloween!

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