Thursday, November 4

November Handwork...Heavy Sandbags


During handwork this week, Toucie and I made half a dozen 5 pound sandbags to use during circletime. Right now we incorporate them into our movements as we sing about hauling corn and meal to and from the mill, but they have endless other uses for Toucie to discover.

There is not much to them...they are just like giant beanbags (filled with sand instead of beans). To make the project child-friendly we took it slow...worked 2 days to complete them. I divided the steps of construction like this:
1) I measured the fabric, Toucie tore it into the rectangles needed
2) I stitched the pairs of rectangles together on three sides to make a "pillowcase", Toucie turned them all right-side-out
3) Toucie filled each "pillowcase" 3/4 full of sand, I stitched them closed as she completed filling each one.
4) I put away all the materials and supplies, Toucie swept up all the stray sand with her wisk broom.
Voila! Done...

I like to have alot of ideas in my pocket for indoor movement and exercise as the cold months approach...playing/working/building/pretending/stacking with soft, safe, heavy sandbags (great to pair with beanbags!) are some ways to get muscles moving indoors :)

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