Tuesday, November 16

November Handwork....Necklace of Indian Corn

Toucie removes kernels from dried ears of Indian Corn...
...sorts the kernels into colorful piles...
...softens the kernels by soaking them in water...for 2 or 3 days (!)...
...and uses a needle and thread to string them ...
...creating careful patterns with kernels and beads.

Math - check
Botany - check
Art - check
Handwork - check
Fine Motor Skills - check
Patience and Concentration - check
Proud and Happy Kid - check!


  1. both of my children are obsessed with indian corn. they LOVE plucking the kernels off the cob. they have the kernels in their play kitchen. then they grind the cobs together to produce this flaky meal which they also love to work with.

    we tried stringing the kernels one year but they were so hard! maybe multiple day soaking is the answer??

  2. oooooo...flaky meal? sounds like something we need to try. I'm glad I didn't get rid of the cobs :) And I didn't even think of using the kernels in the play kitchen...we have lots left over to fill up little pots and pans. Thanks for the inspiration, Rae!

  3. These are beautiful. I hope to try making them this week.

    Thank you. Nicole