Wednesday, November 17

Tooth Fairy Visit! (caution - fairy spoiler)

That wiggly tooth has finally come out! Toucie was very excited to slip it into the pocket of her new pillowcase and go to sleep :)

Time for the Tooth Fairy to get to work. The fairy that visits this household likes to trade beautiful seed pearls for teeth. I've been gathering some pearls of different colors in anticipation of this happy event.

I constructed a tiny box out of lavender cardstock using this template as a guide. Then nestled a creamy pearl inside with a cushion of green wool roving.

A tiny box, 1/2 inches square, tied with a wisp of golden floss...just right to fit into the pillow pocket.

What a happy moment in the morning when she discovered the surprise :)  She made the lovely observation that pearls are very much like teeth! Now, what to do with this treasure?

We went out to the "jewelers" (Target in this case) to find just the right silver chain to hold this pearl. Then gathered some supplies to wire the pearl along with a tiny crystal and add it to the chain.

My intention is to add pearls to this necklace as Toucie loses teeth over the next few years.

My hope is that a 14 year old Toucie will be just as delighted by a necklace full of pearls as this 5 year old Toucie is delighted by this single one. And that a grown-up Toucie will treasure both the necklace and the memories of all the magic.


  1. one of the most magical moments ever! i LOVE this idea so much. our tooth fairy brings crystals. also very cool, but not stringable! what a gift you and that tooth fairy are giving sweet toucie! ;)

  2. Cypress, you have such a beautiful idea here and how magical to honour the changing of the teeth in this way :) xxx