Friday, February 19

What if your backyard looked like this?

Father Sun came out today and warmed our cheeks...we were very happy to march straight to the park and spend some good quality time with know, just in case this turns out to be one of his short visits.

Toucie and I are seasoned park-hoppers. We have about a dozen parks near our home base that we love to visit. Today we spent over 6 hours at Warner Park. This is a huge park (2684 acres) with tons of trails and playgrounds and lovely spots to offer, but I just wanted to share with you this amazing children's play area. No jungle gyms or swings or seesaws...just piles of dirt, heaps of sand, water spigots here and there, stumps, and is alot like my dream playground :)

shelves full of cups and bowls for sand/dirt/mud play

I play on these more than she does...I must have been a child in another life...

totally going to build one of these this year

this is the sand pit. there is a spigot in that pile of rocks at the bottom right. awesome.

the ultimate balance beam
I didn't get a photo of the big dirt pile. It is probably about 10 feet tall and it has a slide down one side. I think that dirt hill is what gets the most action and it is about the simplest thing here...just a heap of dirt! Genius.

And here's what I snuck in while Toucie was mucking about...good stuff.

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  1. Wow! You are so lucky to have such a wonderful park near your home!Every park should look like this one!