Thursday, February 3


crepes for breakfast

...filled with sunny apricot jam

acorns stirring

The sweet potato is stirring, too!

first crocuses

new lambs!
sweet mama and baby

anticipating daffodils

making cheese from our fresh raw milk

an oven full of dinner

sparkling grape juice...cheers!

at Imbolc we always burn our yule tree and greenery

looking forward to the coming warmth


  1. Wow, just found your blog today looking up Candlmas stuff, and I wanted you to know I totally covet your oven. Mine is SO. TINY. Thank you for the lovely post!

    1. Haha, Kristi...I once lived in a home where the stove had only 2 burners and the oven could only hold an 8x8 baking dish...big ovens are nice! (What I'm dreaming of now is a cob oven outdoors....)