Monday, February 21

Valentine's Celebration....

Our traditional Valentine Fondue ...with a Sharp Cheddar Fondue, crusty bread chunks, slightly steamed veggies and tiny, cooked new potatoes.

There was a milk chocolate fondue with banana chunks and pound cake cubes for dessert, but I guess I was too busy savoring to get a photo!

We had lots of these pretty decorations hanging. They are just made from strips of can see how they are made by noticing the staples in the photo. We made a few to mail to Naya and Sodie at college. They fit just right into a box with these little gifties:
2 pillowcases made with love !

...and here a the Valentines pillowcases for the 2 sweeties still at home with me :)

Check the purple socks with patent leather slippers...hoo-boy!

Some more lovely decorations for the day.

We recieved this texted photo of a brand new baby cousin born in the evening of this special day!

Toucie wrapped up the day with a candle-lit rose petal bath.

Happy Valentine's Day to you all :)

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