Friday, February 4

Chinese New Year

Good luck coin in a red envelope

We are taking extra careful measures with Toucie during this season of colds and flu. Our ventures into public  places are pretty rare, but for the Chinese New Year we made an exception. Sporting a mask (just as good at keeping people at a distance as it is as protecting her from germies), we stepped out on the town!

Toucie-dragon at a New Year celebration at our library with food, crafts...

...and a Chinese dance performance...look at the little bunnies :)

Best seat in the house...perched on Daddy's shoulders

we loved all the bright costumes!

older girls performing a beautiful scarf dance

back home it's time to get cooking!

ambitiously attempting spring rolls from this cookbook

Toucie works on the filling...

...Mado takes on the job of rolling spring rolls

she's a genius at stuff like this

we wanted to try this recipe too

here's how ours turned out

a lovely spread

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

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