Tuesday, March 23

From my long list of favorite illustrators....

Do you recognize the artwork of this talented, but little-praised illustrator?

 This is an image from Lunch with Milly, illustrated by Robin Spowart and written by his wife, Jeanne Modesitt. It is the first book of Spowart's that I found...in a thrift store bin. What a prize.

These illustrations feel like the beautiful crayon art that one readily associates with Waldorf, but never have I seen Spowart's name listed as a resource or suggested reading on any Waldorf-y list. I think it should be!

Look at this lovely:
This one is titled Sometimes I Feel Like a Mouse and the illustrations depict different emotions as represented by animals

 So very pretty.

This one is my favorite right now...

The Star Grazers...it is by Christine Widman and tells the story of a little shepherd whose sheep can't resist leaping into the sky to graze on stars. The boy must follow and bring them safely back home.

The illustrations are luminous and dreamy and, well...just stunning. My senses soar when I look at them.

Toucie and I have lately been thinking alot about the sheep in our lives (at my mom and dad's farm). It is their season of celebrity after all! We are expecting to meet lambs soon and are also anticipating wool-shearing time. This slim little book is just right for us in this moment.

I hope you will love these glimpses of Robin Spowart's work enough to get your hands on a real live piece of it for your own. There are many, many others...possibly largely out of print. I have To Rabbittown and The Night Call   on the way...I watch my mailbox like a hawk! 

I want every mama and child to see these pretty pictures and read some of these lovely stories. I think Spowart's illustrations would be right at home on any young child's Waldorf bookshelf, don't you?


  1. Those books are amazing! I am on a hunt for them now!!

  2. All of these books look wonderful! Thanks for sharing:)