Friday, March 19

Teenagers and Margheritas

Mado's boyfriend came over to hang out with us today. He's a strapping, tough lad with an array of piercings and a streetwise attitude. He also happens to love to cook. He brought a cookbook with him. "Let's make pizzas", he said. Awesome.

Toucie ("Hi, I'm four and five fifths years old!") naturally placed herself in the center of the action. And that is how I came to have two 16 year olds and one kindergartener messing around with Margheritas this afternoon in my kitchen.

(prep work)

(that basil smelled so good...)
Look at Toucie's "doughn-izza" crust with a big hole in the middle - doughnut style.

YES!!! (this is why I had children)

Our adaptation of Williams Sonoma's Pizza Margherita:

Use your favorite pizza dough recipe (we made enough dough for four 12 inch pizzas).
Assemble the following toppings:
-12 roma tomatoes -diced (remove seeds, just use the firm flesh)
-1 lb. mozzerella -grated
-1 cup (or more!!) of fresh basil leaves-torn
- olive oil to drizzle
-salt and freshly ground pepper
Shape your dough into 12 inch rounds - as thin as you can make it - and place on pizza pans
Cover with toppings in this order:
-salt and pepper
-generous drizzle of olive oil
Bake at 450 degrees F for 10 minutes, then reduce heat to 400 and continue baking for 10 more minutes
Hug and kiss the children that made you the pizza and enjoy it together.
(Thanks Mado, C, and Toucie !)


  1. Yum! I love homemade pizza! I would love it even more if my girls baked it for me!! It's pay back time, Cypress!! Enjoy!

  2. oh wow.. i love Mado's boyfriend's arm.. <3