Sunday, March 14

Looking ahead to Spring...a small quilt

A couple of quick peeks at one of my current works-in-progress.

Sweet, sweet bunnies, mice, chipmunks, birds, and turtles frolicking among the spring-green grass, flowers, and toadstools. I love this fabric and have been holding on to it for several years trying to decide what to make out of it. It seems that a quilt, using big squares that show off the little animals, will allow me the most opportunity to look at the fabric. I have to hurry and whip it up...not only to get it ready before the Spring Equinox, but just to have it done before Toucie is too grown up (and I lose my excuse to play with juvenile fabrics!!)

Fabric is Michael Miller 'Woodland Squares', 'Woodland Stripes' and 'Woodland Critters'.

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  1. I LOVE that fabric! It is so perfect for spring equinox!