Tuesday, March 30

Spring babies!!

A couple of years ago, my parents (recently retired school teachers, both) bought 50 acres of land on which to start a little hobby farm. Their building and dabbling and cultivating has resulted in a cozy, hilltop house, a tidy garden, a wood full of trails, a meadow full of sheep and goats, a pond full of ducks, and a yard full of chickens...and they are less than 1 hour away from my own home. How lucky is the child whose grandparents provide them this kind of escape...this kind of opportunity to go back to the land be close to it? Really, really lucky, if you ask me!

We visited the farm this weekend to welcome all the new babies:

(Cocoa and her new little one)

(Mado snuggling Cocoa's lamb)

(Me and Sodie with two of the Orpington hens... Josephine and Bernadette. Sodie's been fearlessly wrangling chickens since she was 2 years old)

(Toucie and my mama cuddle the new chicks)

(Naya and Sodie with newborn goat kids...it's impossible to say which twins are cuter)

Thanks Mom and Dad, for making this place where we can plop right down in the middle of new life and Spring beauty!


  1. Hi, I am Angela your partner in the Share the love swap. I am so excited we are partnered. Your blog is great and I am looking forward to getting to know you more.
    P.S. Your pictures are amazing being from a camera phone!

  2. You truly are blessed indeed! Maybe we'll go back to farming when we retire and the girls will have kids!!