Saturday, February 20

By the water

Some of the happiest days Toucie and I spend together are spent the water. When I need to get her moving and working on all those gross motor skills I say, "Let's go for a hike!". The suggestion is always greeted with enthusiasm. We live a stones throw from the Harpeth river and visit it often - almost daily in fair weather - even in the cold seasons we go to see what the water is doing.

today the water was sparkling in the sun....ahhh sun!

see the river rushing in the background and the calm shallows in the fore?

the shallows are a wonderful place to play

lots of treasure to discover (this is a freshwater mussel shell)

you never know who else will be there enjoying the sunshine

today we practiced casting with the rod Toucie received for Christmas

cultivating patience

I took a photo of her....

...and she took one of me! Hmm...distracted by the allure of a snack?

Ha! There I am....
Hope you all are finding Spring to be soon within reach.

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