Wednesday, February 17

Valentine's Day

We spent a beautiful day celebrating "lovingness" , as Toucie calls it. There was crafting and baking, and gifting, and eating, and dancing, and everything else we could fit in.

Toucie and I baked a cake for breakfast.

As soon as the crumbs were cleared, we sat down to work on some pretty gifties for each other. 
Our Candlemas hyacinth centerpiece had started fading a tiny bit, so we cropped the flowers and Toucie spent a happy hour plucking off the individual blooms and stringing them into lovely adornments:

Even I was the happy recipient of one of the flower strands!
I  found time to put the finishing touches on the flannel quilt I'd been working on (#7 on my list!), so that became my Valentine to all the girls:


Two of my girls had dates...look at these awesome socks:

But by dinnertime, we were all back together again. We have a family tradition of preparing fondue for Valentine's Day dinner. This year it was a cheddar fondue with a milk chocolate fondue for dessert...mmmm!

Dinner gave way to dancing:

...and  some acrobatics that defied capture on film. Hope you all had a lovely day, too!


  1. You have a gorgeous family, Cypress! I love the double fondue tradition!

  2. What fun and beauty Cypress, thanks you for the inspiration. I love the fondue idea. Yum. Beauty, goodness and fun!

  3. Can you share the recipe for the cheddar dip? Are the veggies cooked? Did you serve this with anything else. We are vegetarian but I don't think this would fill my boys lol!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Do your teen girls have blogs? I have a 17(18 in June) who could use some good/safe teen blogs.

  4. Cheddar Fondue:

    1/2c butter
    1/3c flour
    1 scant tsp salt
    4c milk
    4c sharp cheddar (grated)

    In a large saucepan melt the butter.
    Stir in flour and salt and whisk it around as it thickens...cook it gently for 1 minute before whisking in the milk.
    Stir constantly until sauce thickens
    Stir in cheese until it is melted

    you can further season this with cayenne and nutmeg, or some Italian herbs (basil, oregano, rosemary, garlic), or some Mexican flavors (cumin, chili powder, garlic) if desired.
    (makes about 6 cups)