Thursday, February 25

Crafting away our cabin fever...

After the tease of a beautiful sunny weekend, our temperatures have dropped again into the 20's (F). While we are troopers in the Waldorf style, and venture out in all kinds of weather, the hours we spend outdoors on cold days are much fewer than the ones we spend out on fair days, for certain.

So, driven indoors, yearning to be out and for spring to speed to our door, we have needed to find inspired ways to wait out these last dregs of winter weather. Handwork is our friend. And so are other folks who like to make lovely things.

Here are the petals from our Valentine's Day roses.

Here is Toucie threading them onto a length of wire.

Here is an idea of what the process looks like...slow results...stick with it, Touce!

And here is the fruit of all that persistence.  

A happy hour spent sifting fingers through soft and fragrant rose petals, building on the ability to persevere, developing the strength in little hands, and feeling pleasure and pride at producing a worthwhile creation...a gift to entice Spring to hurry to us. 

Perhaps this happy hour, and the many others we spend like this, are Winter's last gifts to us.

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