Monday, February 8


So, I've been working on my list ...and I've got a few works-in-progress to show for it.

For starters, I've taken a few steps towards the goal of a handmade rug (#29 on my list). My intention is to make a big, substantial area rug (maybe 4x6 or 5x7), but I'm starting off small...this is a bathmat pattern:

Here's what I've got so far:

This is a just going to be a garter stitch rectangle knitted holding 4 strands of Peaches & Cream worsted together on size 15 needles, but it was originally inspired by a pattern from the book Mason-Dixon Knitting (It's page 82..."Absorba, the Great Bathmat") I'd like to use this little rug in front of Toucie's play kitchen, so I chose variagated yarns that I thought would result in a Waldorfy kind of "peach blossom" effect when blended together. The colors are pooling and the effect isn't what I intended, but it seems quite lovely anyway, so I'm forging ahead.

We also have #7 (a flannel quilt) in progress.

The top is fully pieced and I just need to track down the right fabric for the backing. I'm leaning towards using a twin-sized cotton flannel sheet, if I can find the right color. This quilt is an odd size..I didn't want it to be fully twin-sized, I wanted more of a snuggle-on-the-couch size, but I'd like to be able to spread it on a bed without it being way too small.
I LOVE this is Folksy Flannels by Anna Maria Horner. I ordered 2 "small bundles" (a small bundle is a random assortment of 6 fat quarters) and got a dozen different patterns, all of them gorgeous. I wanted showcase the fabric as much as possible, so I settled on big 10x8 rectangles (the odd size was so that I would have no wasted fabric).
Don't those juicy colors just make you want to smile?

I had two lonely little squares left over after piecing my quilt top. Just the right size for a doll blanket...a reversable one at that!

Here is another project...this one is finished and only on the WIP list because I want to make more!
Upcycled silk long johns for Toucie made from a thrifted adult-sized silk knit shirt and shawl.
The pants are made from the sleeves of the shirt . The top is made from the body of the shirt with the sleeves and trim being made from the shawl :


  1. The flannel quilt looks so snuggley and bright - perfect for winter couch cuddling!

    I love turning pants into sleeves - I do this a lot with wool. I especially love when I can find cashmere at the thrift, because what girl doesn't need a pair of cashmere pants? I've never thought to look for knit silk.... do you come across it often thrifting, or is it very rare?

    Also, Toucie is a doll! I don't think I've seen a pic of here before.

    xoxo - sarah (sajalu)

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Sarah.

    Yes, Yes! I love to use wool sweaters, too! In fact the silk long johns were needed to go under the wool pants to combat itchiness. I am going to be so sad when Toucie's legs grow longer than the biggest sweater sleeves I can find...I think Miss L is about a year older - are you still able to keep her in cashmere?

    I have found a few ways to make dresses out of the leftover body of the sweaters...I'll post some pics of those here soon.

    I find the silk knit shirts at Goodwill and snap them up on half-price days...I have a plastic garbage bag full, so I'm cutting myself off :)

  3. Wow! I love the new look blog - It's beautiful:)
    Do you have a pattern for those awesome pj's? I'd love to have a go at making some for Aria for easter, but I'm not a very experienced sewer and need all the help I can get! They look fantastic! xx