Sunday, February 21

Spontaneous butter

This morning as Toucie and I were creeping around the kitchen still in our nightgowns, she asked, "Why does butter taste so good?". Ah, yes! I thought to easy question to answer (you may know that 4 year olds are notorious for asking some of the most difficult questions in the world). The easy answer is that butter is delicious because its made out of delicious things: cream and sometimes salt (2 of my personal faves).

We happened to have on hand some good cream from our Valentine's Day fondue-making, so I took advantage of the educational opportunity and set Toucie up to make a wee batch of butter for herself.

all you need is to put some cream into a clean jar with a clean marble

then you seal it up tightly and shake it for all you're worth!

after 10 minutes of taking turns with the shaking we had this

it is soft, fluffy butter...not solid. I've heard people call it fairy butter or angel butter.

we stirred in a bit of salt and  had it on toasted rosemary rolls for breakfast

here is my prized, but dusty Daisy churn...if ever again I have access to fresh raw milk and cream...

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